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Our Story & Charity


“Trouvée” is the French word for “found.” Trouvée.Co is my way of letting you know that a chic, timeless personal style is easy to achieve. Find your signature look with us today.


Every collection is self-designed and created with the strong woman in mind, where our timeless jewellery pieces will take you from a play date, to the boardroom, to the bar, and even to your all-girls weekend brunch. 


As all our gemstones are natural, no two stones are exactly the same. Some of the stones will come with natural inclusions, which are highly characteristic of the stone type and origin. They aren't considered flaws but are instead what make up the character of each piece of jewellery at Trouvée.Co. We hope you'll embrace them as much as we do!



The brand is about sustainable style with a conscience. When you purchase something from Trouvée.Co, you support the ethical practices of our artisans and manufacturers in Asia. We are strongly against underpaid/maltreated/child labour, and all our jewellery is made in verified facilities around the world.


Our conflict-free gemstones are sourced ethically from all over the world, from places such as Brazil, India and China. I personally screen all pieces before mailing them out, so you can be assured you don't get a defect in yours. Any Trouvée.Co piece that doesn't meet my strict, perfectionist criteria in terms of quality simply isn't put up for sale.



We currently contribute a significant portion of our earnings to 365 Cancer Prevention Society. Cancer is a silent killer and the world is a better place without it. We hope to instil some hope to those fighting cancer, their loved ones and survivors. 


My hope for you is that you never stop believing in yourself and the things that you can do, and know that even in the darkest moments of your life, you will still shine. - Roxanne, Founder