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Singapore by Pinwheel Jewels

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The Singapore Island Collection by Pinwheel Jewels was first launched in 2015 to celebrate Singapore’s jubilee year of independence. The idea came about because of the desire to create meaningful jewellery, for and about Singapore, that women would be happy to wear on a daily basis. And because this collection revolves around Singapore, all pieces in this collection are designed and handcrafted in Singapore.


The collection consists of necklaces and bracelets featuring the silhouette of the Singapore island in 1965, the year Singapore gained independence. With assistance from the National Archives of Singapore, we located the most accurate map of our island city-state.


Crafted from 18K gold-plated sterling silver, the delicate designs mean that any woman can wear them no matter the outfit.


The pieces from this collection are great as gifts to friends abroad and locals alike.