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Heirloom Collection

The Heirloom Collection is all about jewellery that will last a lifetime - and then some. Gemstones featured in this collection are rarer than most (semi-precious gemstones), harder to find and are the cornerstone of elegance.

All jewellery are created with natural gemstones and set in sterling silver plated with rhodium for a tarnish-resistant finish. As with all Trouvée.Co pieces, these are suitable for sensitive skin.

For those looking for something more luxurious yet equally classic, the Heirloom Collection will leave you breathlessly spellbound.

As all our gemstones are natural, no two stones are exactly the same. Some of the stones will come with natural inclusions, which are highly characteristic of the stone type and origin. They aren't considered flaws but are instead what make up the character of each piece of jewellery at Trouvée.Co. We hope you'll embrace them as much as we do!