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Cabana Collection

Cabana Collection on Trouvee.Co


The Cabana Collection is an exciting addition to Trouvée.Co in 2021. The entire collection is handmade with sterling silver plated with 18k gold. Each piece is fitted with real baroque pearls, the epitome of glamour and elegance.

We wish that your days be filled with the thoughts of sunshine, summer and a bronzy golden tan, wherever you may be.

As the artisans come from all around the world, individual designs in this collection will be added gradually as the weeks pass by, once the works have been finished. Keep checking back for new styles!

As all our gemstones are natural, no two stones are exactly the same. Some of the stones will come with natural inclusions, which are highly characteristic of the stone type and origin. They aren't considered flaws but are instead what make up the character of each piece of jewellery at Trouvée.Co. We hope you'll embrace them as much as we do!