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Why Does My Finger Turn Green After Wearing Rings?

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Fingers turn green after wearing rings.
If you've worn rings, chances are that you've gotten the dreaded "green finger." You might also have noticed that at the same time, your ring was also tarnishing. So what gives?
The main culprit is chemical reaction. Either the acids in your sweat has reacted with the metal in your ring, or some other chemical has. This could be anything from lotions, to creams, to fragrances.
Most of the time, copper in the metal part of the ring is what gives the green discolouration. Copper is used a lot in the manufacture of alloys to increase the strength of the metals. However, this doesn't mean that only cheap jewellery results in your fingers turning green after use.
Some silver and gold jewellery also contain copper, and even silver itself can tarnish upon prolonged contact with harsh chemicals.
The best way to ensure that you don't get accidentally embarrassed when removing your ring? Stick to stainless steel, platinum and rhodium plated jewellery.
At Trouvée.Co, all our sterling silver jewellery is plated with rhodium (or gold and rose gold, depending on your colour choice). This ensures that you don't turn green after wearing rings, and your silver pieces sparkle for a long time. You can also check out our quick video tutorial on how to easily polish your own gemstone jewellery in your own bathroom.
Our "Lolita" Rose Quartz Bezel Ring is made in sterling silver and plated with tarnish-resistant rose gold. Stay "green-free!"

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