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What's the Best Jewellery Colour for Your Skin Tone?

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One of the most common questions that people have asked me regarding jewellery is this: "What metal colours best suit me?" Or at least it's something along those lines. With the presence of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, it can be confusing to decide on which one would best fit you if you could only get one piece of bling.


Here's my take on which colour you should focus on according to your skin tone.


If You're Extremely Fair - Fair:

White gold/silver works best for you, as this shade complements your skin tone best. Gold will look sallow. Rose gold comes a close second though and looks better the fairer you are.

Take a hint from actress Nicole Kidman, who's extremely fair and is almost always seen in white gold jewellery. Another prime example is Anne Hathaway.

Nicole Kidman in Silver/White Gold

Image credit: Popsugar


If You're Medium - Slightly Tanned:

Rose gold's got something going for you here! If your skin tone lies in this range, chances are your tone changes from time to time (and I daresay according to the seasons). Rose gold jewellery will work best for you all-year long.


If You're Tanned - Dark Skinned:

I'm talking about being really, really tanned or of African descent. I love this because yellow gold looks amazing on you (and you don't look tacky wearing it)! Yellow gold brings out the radiance in your skin, and also adds a beautiful contrast to your natural state. In fact, the darker your skin tone, the better yellow gold is going to look on you, babe.

To be honest, this is one of my favourite colour combinations when it comes to style, jewellery and fashion.


If You're Still Unsure:

Go with silver/white gold. This shade cannot fail on any skin tone, even if it may not bring out the best in you.

Besides, there are also other factors such as the size of the jewellery, colour of the gemstones and your hair colour that will affect the overall look. Be brave, let loose a little and don't be afraid to play around with jewellery. After all, style and fashion are here to serve you, and you can only find what suits you best when you explore your options.

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