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What Do Different Necklace Lengths Look Like When Worn?

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When we buy necklaces online, there're always some mention of how long the necklaces are. However, if you aren't the superbly visual type, it can be hard to understand just how your necklace will go with the rest of your outfit.
I found a couple of pictures on Pinterest that show you just what things will look like at different lengths. When you are deciding on a length, it's always best to keep in mind the outfit you're planning to wear it with, taking into special consideration the neckline of your top.
The necklaces in this store are around 16" (40cm) with a 2" (5cm) extension. This length is known as the "Choker" or "Princess" (for longer chains) length, and it adds a certain timeless class to an everyday style. A great option for showing off your décolletage!
Hope this helps in your jewellery adventure.

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