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We're Now Accepting Apple Pay!

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Apple Pay on Trouvée.Co

Image this:
You're squeezing with the crowd in rush-hour traffic. You take out your phone and start window shopping to see what pretty bling to get to cheer your day up. You add a piece of jewellery or two to your cart, but then realise you have to type in your mailing address and credit card details, or sign in to your Paypal account before you can complete your purchase. What a dread.

But hey, guess what? Trouvée.Co is accepting payments via Apple Pay with immediate effect! 

You can now shop seamlessly while on the go. No more having to balance yourself while trying to buy yourself something you deserve. And if you opt for Same-Day Delivery, you'll even receive your parcel before you knock off from work.

Now isn't that such a perfect scenario. ✨

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