Trouvée.Co's Inspirational Woman Feature: Elisabeth Steiger –

Trouvée.Co's Inspirational Woman Feature: Elisabeth Steiger

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Elisabeth Steiger X Trouvée.Co Interview


We're so honoured to have entrepreneur Elisabeth speak with us in this mini interview. She shares how women can be more confident, and how we can help one another succeed in this world.


T: Tell us a little bit about yourself (hobbies, favourite cities, etc).
E: I am an Austrian entrepreneur and have been living between Europe and Asia for a few years now. Hence, my favourite cities are Vienna and Hong Kong. If you do not meet me at an airport, I am probably enjoying some coffee and cake at a cute café. I love art and fashion, being outdoors and doing sports.


T: Share with us a special memory of yours!
E: I am fortunate to meet and interview a lot of inspiring women through “The Pink Lookbook”. All these talks are very special memories to me because every story is unique and I learn so much with every interview. Another special memory is meeting Roxanne, the founder of Trouvée, in Singapore. We met in a small coffee place after being in touch in a Facebook group. I think it is so amazing that the
digital world makes it possible to connect in the “real” world and exchange experiences with other female entrepreneurs.


T: What defines a person's style?
E: Style is defined by our personality. While fashion trends are short-term, style is something timeless. It is not defined by how much you spend on your clothes but how you wear the pieces and if you feel confident in your outfit.



T: How do you think women can be more confident in the way they dress themselves?
E: I don’t think that female “power outfits” have to be similar to men’s wardrobes. I can feel and be powerful in a red skirt or with bold jewellery. It really depends on the person. Confidence is based on the fact that we love ourselves.


T: How do you think women can help other women succeed in the workplace and in life?
E: Mentor other women and actively promote other women. In contrast to men, women do not help each other enough. On the contrary, women very often hinder other women from moving up the career ladder. Only we can make our workplaces more diverse; if we don’t help each other, who will?


T: Finally, what about Trouvée.Co is special to you?
E: I love Trouvée’s jewellery for its timeless style and that I can combine the pieces with any outfit. Whether we prepare for a meeting, a coffee date or an evening event, all the pieces are very classy and help us achieve effortless style without over-thinking our outfits. Furthermore, I think it is great that Trouvée is run by a fellow female entrepreneur who never gives up!


Elisabeth Steiger is an Austrian entrepreneur and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Pink Lookbook (, an online resource for women who dream, lean in, explore and love beautiful things. Elisabeth has lived in 8 countries and worked in the public and private sector before starting her lifestyle businesses.


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