Trouvée.Co's Inspirational Woman Feature: Fern Lee –

Trouvée.Co's Inspirational Woman Feature: Fern Lee

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Fern Lee x Trouvée.Co Mini Interview


Nothing is more challenging than taking up projects and new jobs at your own initiative, and then seeing them through. Today we've got amazing entrepreneur, Fern Lee on the line, and she shares with us about how her style changes with the occasion.


T: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

F: I hold 2 jobs – 1 as Marketing & Communications Officer at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), and the other as co-founder of ANIA Skincare. Contrary to what many entrepreneurial guidebooks advise, I don’t intend to quit my full-time job to work on ANIA anytime soon because of the learning opportunities both roles provide.

Outside of work, I like spending time with my furry family, and cooking. For sports, I train Muay Thai twice a week and recently started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Perhaps it’s due to my crazy schedule, I’ve grown to really enjoy quiet time. Weekends spent doing nothing, or just taking walks around the neighbourhood mean a lot more to me than going out to visit new places.


T: What is your typical work outfit like?

F: I like classic, quality pieces that last. Most of my wardrobe are made up of black, white, and navy pieces. In our weather, material also plays an important role in keeping you comfortable.

My work wardrobe (for EHL) is usually a pair of black pants and a solid coloured top. When I want to dress up slightly, I put on a cami and a long line collared vest.

At all other times, while working on ANIA, I am either in comfortable shorts and t-shirt or high waist shorts, tank top, and sneakers.


Fern Lee x Trouvée.Co Mini Interview

T: How can women leverage on their personal styles to gain an edge in life?

F: When you’re comfortable with your personal style, you’re already comfortable in your own skin and ready to deal with anything life throws at you.


T: Quick, you have 1 minute before you leave the house! What do you put on?

F: Mix ANIA’s Argan Oil Light with sunscreen, a little liquid foundation and brush onto my face! Then spray dry shampoo on my flat hair and scrub it through on my way out of the house.


T: Finally, what, to you, makes a Trouvée Girl?

F: Someone who is comfortable with herself and always has a sparkle in her eye.


Driven by her passion for natural and time-tested traditions, Fern co-created ANIA to bottle high quality ingredients from Africa. In her spare time, she indulges in sports and cooking.


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