Trouvée.Co's Inspirational Woman Feature: Alexis Cheong –

Trouvée.Co's Inspirational Woman Feature: Alexis Cheong

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Alexis Cheong Interview on Trouvée.Co

Surround yourself with inspiring people who can motivate you, and you will go far yourself. Today, we feature social media strategist and food blogger Alexis Cheong. She shares about her personal style and what she thinks style can do for you.

"I think it's about taking just a bit of time to really think through what kind of look you want to achieve."

T: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

A: Recently I had the revelation that I'm officially in my early thirties 😱. I'm also working in the media advertising industry as a strategist and no one day is the same, which is what I love about my work! I also conduct social media trainings once every quarter with NUS-ISS, which is very satisfying.

I took a year-long sabbatical two years ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done because I really like travelling and experiencing different cultures. Other than that, discovering new and delicious food is my passion as well. I am a huge animal lover so I can't pick just one favourite animal, but I am biased towards dogs because I have one and she's the cutest and most loved animal in my life!


T: What is the craziest thing you've ever worn to work, and how did people respond to that?

A: Actually I am not super crazy with my work wear but I remember everyone loving it when I wore my new silver Stan Smith's sneakers to work with a big cap, because my industry allows that. I also recently went to Laos and wore a Laotian print pants which was super comfy but still stylish because its worn with a black top. I like to mix and match my outfits so they work in sync.


T: How do you think more women can make their style work for them in different aspects of their lives? 

A: I think it's about taking just a bit of time to really think through what kind of look you want to achieve, a statement you want to make e.g. bohemian chic, floral girly, boyish street etc. and picking the outfits to bring it across, rather than just throwing random pieces together. Instead of letting the clothes dictate who you are.

  Alexis Cheong Interview on Trouvée.Co   

T: What is your typical weekend outfit like? 

A: It's always simple - most likely short sleeves/tank and shorts if I am not going anywhere indoors or on a date. And my Zumba workout wear for Saturdays! For me, work days are when I dress up and weekend is when I dress down.


T: How do you see your taste in fashion evolving over time? 

A: I think it is common among my peers - when you get to your thirties you start to realise quality > quantity. I strive more towards the few basic pieces that I can mix more complicated prints, and layering is so important. I used to buy 10 over dresses in Bangkok's Platinum mall or Bugis Street without even blinking an eye in my 20's, but now I buy maybe one piece of clothing every 2 months? We really don't need more! Like I said before, it's what you want to say with the clothing, before you wear them, than the other way.


T: Finally, what, to you, makes a Trouvée Girl?

A: A Trouvée Girl is someone who appreciates and is mindful about the little details and the overall big picture of how an outfit will convey a person's character than to hide it. All in all, someone who is true, authentic and confident!


Check out all of Alexis' food & travel recommendations on her blog,


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