The Most Versatile Piece of Necklace for the Beach Babe –

The Most Versatile Piece of Necklace for the Beach Babe

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Have I mentioned? I love the beach! If I could, I'd buy a house by the shore so I could spend every waking moment feeling the cool sea breeze against my skin, listening to the waves and relishing my salted tresses.


Whenever I travel, I bring along all the jewellery I want to wear for the trip in my Trouvée.Co box. You know, the one that comes with your order when you purchase something? So when I recently went to Bali, that's exactly what I did.


No matter what I wore, there was that one piece of bling that I never removed, whether I went into the waves or to Potato Head's infinity pool. Featuring the Tahiti Pearl Trilogy Necklace:


Trouvée.Co in Bali 1


Trouvée.Co stack necklaces

Champagne Gold Soleil Drusy Bezel Necklace & Tahiti Pearl Trilogy Necklace stacked


I'm not sure if I could say I'm surprised, but this necklace has proven to stand the test of time, chlorine, Banana Boat sunblock and salt water. Jewellers will gasp in horror when I tell them what I've subjected this gem to but I take it as research. And now I present my thesis. 😝


Plating the sterling silver metal chain with rhodium means that:

  1. the metal maintains its unreactivity, so sensitive skin will tolerate it well,
  2. the silver metal is protected from tarnishing
  3. the silver metal is stronger
  4. the silver metal looks brighter and shinier


Now which beach babe wouldn't like that?

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