The Best Occasions to Wear Your Drusy Necklace –

The Best Occasions to Wear Your Drusy Necklace

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How to wear drusy necklace by Trouvée.Co


Drusy necklaces are quartz gemstones with uneven surfaces, such that they reflect light that come from various directions into other different directions. Drusy stones (also spelled "druzy" or "druse"), when found in their natural environment, can be extremely sparkly (when found on the internal hollows of stones) or not sparkly at all (on the exposed surfaces of stones). The most common form of drusy stones that are used in jewellery belong to the latter, and these are usually coated with a layer of material that can determine their colour and shine.


Based on how this layering technique is carried out, the plating can either be easily scratched off or remain intact for a very long period of time. Drusy stones also come in different grades, with AAA being the best (no points for guessing which one our drusy jewellery belongs to). 


Drusy stones reflect light on the surface, as opposed to diamonds, which work their magic from within the stone. Knowing this, here are the best occasions to wear a drusy necklace and some tips to get the best out of your drusy jewellery.


1. At a candlelight dinner.

When you're at a romantic setting such as this, there is a candle or tiny light set on the table in front of you, around the same height as where your drusy will be when you're seated. The light that shines from the candle will be unblocked as it travels to your stone, which will make your stone appear its most sparkly and attractive state. Furthermore, the flickering of the flame will be reflected as such, adding a lively touch to your gem.


2. At an evening cocktail event.

Chances are, there will be a bar counter, or seats around coffee tables with lit-up centrepieces. The lighting used will be low, soft and diffused, making this a great combination for your drusy stone to capture any light rays and reflect them, catching the attention of even someone diagonally across from you.


3. At the movies.

At the movies, the only light shining on you will be coming from the screen in front of you, where all the action is happening. This means that light travelling towards your drusy jewellery won't be blocked by overhead shadows, and the people beside you will notice your precious gem.


4. At a cafe, seated by the window.

The idea is to have enough dispersed natural light on you, coming from all directions, so that the uneven surface of your drusy stone will catch and reflect it in all angles as well. If the window seat gets direct sunlight, make sure that at least it's not shining on your face to create a shadow on your gemstone.


5. At the museum.

When looking at artefacts, chances are that there will be light sources placed in the display boxes. And when you bend down to have a closer look, that light is going to make your gem shine brighter than Rihanna's diamonds.


6. At a wedding.

Whether indoors or outdoors, when the setup is as romantic as hundreds of pink roses and bow-tied seats, your drusy stone will fit in the mood perfectly. You should consider getting your bridesmaids some dursy jewellery as part of your "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" invitation, because honestly, no one in the right mind can resist something as pretty as a sparkly drusy (it doesn't cost a bomb either).


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