The Best Jewellery for the Wonder Women in Your Life –

The Best Jewellery for the Wonder Women in Your Life

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I love it that Christmas is coming! The moment Deepavali ended, malls in Singapore started playing Christmas carols and decorations swiftly went up. The only thing that I find to be a slight headache is finding presents for everybody because it seems like everyone already has what they want/need. Thank God for wish lists!


If you don't have a wish list to work with, here are my picks for the different amazing women in your life who deserve to be spoilt this season. Get ready, let's go!


For Your Number 1 Wife:

OK you shouldn't have a Number 2 wife, but you get what I mean. Your wife is the most amazing woman in your life apart from your mum, so she definitely deserves the best.

My pick? The London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings from our Heirloom Collection:

Topaz is not that difficult to find but when you try searching for one in London blue, you'll quickly realise how much more expensive it can be. And no wonder! The colour of London blue topaz is more difficult to produce and requires more resources during the processing phase, thus making this shade rarer than most.

If you want to show just how special she is to you, you can't go wrong with this piece.


For Your Amazing Mum:

She's the one who's sacrificed the most in her life to give you the best in yours. For good health and joy, look no further than sky blue topaz.

It's time for her to shine in these Sky Blue Topaz Stud Earrings.

I'll tell you a story:

The first jewellery I ever bought my mum was a light blue gemstone necklace charm from a factory in Bangkok during a school trip. It was the prettiest one left after everyone else who was faster had got theirs (yep I was that slow misfit in my teens). So it's also something quite personal for me when I pick this design as Trouvée.Co's best gift for mum.


For the Best Friend Who's Been Through Thick and Thin:

Hello?! You can't miss out the one person that's stuck by you this far in life and even seen you in your snot-covered, makeup-free face. Best friends are best friends for a reason - that they make our lives so much better to be in and they show us the rainbows when we forget where to look.

For that, I'm picking the Peacock Drusy Bezel Necklace in Rose Gold.


For the One You Grew up With - Your Sister:

Without her, life would have been extremely boring and lonely. Despite the fights, the judging each other, the giving each other looks and the screwing each other over, there still exists love, gratitude and fun between you.

For her, anything from the bracelets selection will be loved. If she's not a bracelet kind of person, then tell her that you look forward to even more amazing sisterly days ahead with the Rainbow Moonstone Stud Earrings.




For many of us, jewellery is something that holds a special meaning. Thank you for choosing to celebrate your life's intimate moments with Trouvée.Co.

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