The Best Jewellery Type for Busy Mums –

The Best Jewellery Type for Busy Mums

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Best Jewellery for Busy Mums

Mums are such amazing beings! Having recently become a mum myself, I finally understand how tricky it can be wanting to look all dressed up, yet being able to do all the "mum things" at the same time.

"What are mum things," you ask. It's the day-to-day stuff like:

  • hugging your child close when they reach in for one
  • carrying your baby
  • chilling in bed with your little one and have them flip all over your arm

Now I love wearing me some nice bling but I also get worried about having my baby pull the chandelier earrings off my ear lobes, or my ring accidentally scratching her face when she nestles into my hand.

So my best tip for busy mums? Wear jewellery that are bezel set, or have round and smooth joints/shapes. For earrings, stick to studs that are fuss-free and harder for your little ones to get a grip of.

I currently wear my favourite London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings 24/7 and don’t even take them off at night or when I shower. Not only are these gorgeous, they also go well with my skin tone, match most of my outfits and my baby really can’t get them off me (trust me, she's tried)!


Trouvee.Co London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

For something a little more neutral, I highly recommend the Solitaire Drusy Stud Earrings. These are so pretty - they look like diamonds and have such an amazing brilliance! They always manage to catch my own attention when I’m looking in the mirror in the bathroom.

I also currently wear my favourite ‘Belle’ Labradorite Ring in Silver on my right middle finger. Because it’s a bezel set ring, it doesn’t get snagged in my knit top nor scratch my baby’s delicate skin when we’re playing. The custom-shaped labradorite stone itself doesn’t have sharp edges, so I know my little girl is safe from harm.

Around my neck, I have my current favourite Tahiti Pearl Trilogy Necklace. I love how the pearls are smooth and rounded all over, and the chain is very sparkly despite being quite thin. Aurélie likes playing with it when I’m carrying her around too, though I very often have to stop her from trying to bite or eat the pearls. The best part about all of my daily pieces is that they are all made from sterling silver plated with rhodium, which makes them super sparkly, suitable for sensitive skin and long-lasting.

Roxanne and Aurelie Saynac

The greatest style lesson I’ve learn from being a mum is that my style doesn’t have to change just because my lifestyle has. Effortless style is easily achievable - we just have to look in the right places.

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