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Making Your Dreams Happen

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Several thoughts are running through my head today. One of them is that I'm grateful to have a home and that my family is safe and sound. Another one is that I’m able to use this period to reset my life.


Most of us are still keeping to a work schedule while staying safe at home. Conference calls and Zoom/Hangout meetings are now the norm, and I wonder if they will become a part of our daily work culture once the pandemic dies down and things return to normal.


The great thing is that we don’t have to think about what shoes to wear for the commute to work that won’t hurt our little toes. And while we can’t be in our PJ’s all day, we can wear comfortable lounge wear shorts. We don’t need to take as much time getting ready in the mornings. Instead, we can choose to focus on the top half of our outfit.


I love the mood boost when I’m looking at my keyboard and accidentally catch sight of my coral manicure and blue-grey twinkle from my hand-hammered labradorite ring. What we wear and how we look matters, and in these uncertain times, they might even matter more.


Is it frivolous to want to create and be drawn to beautiful things when the world seems to be in crumbles? No, no it’s not. Is it important then? Yes. Because this is when we need, more than ever, something tangibly beautiful to have and hold that can give us the hope for a better future. That all we’re going through is just a bad day, not a bad life.


So while we may take a step back and reassess our goals and dreams, don’t give up on them. At least not yet. Strategise, plan. Scrape some projects to make way for and focus on others.


We will get there eventually. And in the meantime, show up for yourself. Be the YOU today that the YOU in 5 years’ time will be grateful for.

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