Introducing the Trouvée Mystery Box –

Introducing the Trouvée Mystery Box

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Everybody loves a good surprise every once in a while, so we decided to share this little treat with you.


What is the Trouvée Mystery Box?
It's a piece of jewellery from our store, sold at the price of S$59.90 - lower than the retail price of anything else in store.


What's so mysterious about it?
You won't know what pieces you're getting when you order a Trouvée Mystery Box, so the identity of the jewellery will only be revealed when you peel open the ribbons. It can be anything from earrings to necklaces to bracelets. 
Although the pieces are picked at random, they all meet our high quality standards. They are not sample pieces, nor have they been tried on by others.


What's special about it?
There is only a limited number of Trouvée Mystery Boxes available each month, so only the first few shoppers will get to enjoy this special treat!


Who is it for?
Any one who loves a surprise, gemstone jewellery and who can't decide which pieces to get. Simply tell us your ring size, your favourite season of the year and we'll see what we can find for you.
Ready to roll? Let's get started.

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