How to Wear Labradorite - 3 Tips –

How to Wear Labradorite - 3 Tips

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How to wear Labradorite
Labradorite is one of my favourite stones of all (after diamonds and peach-coloured stones, of course).
It was first discovered in 1770 in Labrador, hence the name. It's a greyish stone that's slightly translucent, such that light can reflect from within its different layers, leading to the blue or gold sparkle we call "labradorescence." I guess we can say that labradorite is the only gemstone that has labradorescence!
I love this stone for its versatility. It's chic, natural and can be worn without looking too feminine. Here are 3 quick tips on how you can wear it.


1. Match it with rose gold.
I absolutely adore the class and timelessness it exudes when paired with rose gold. The stone's magnificence is brought out by the rose gold, which is a shade that has grown quite popular over the recent months. Rose gold will never go out of style, and so will labradorite!


2. Wear it alone to let it stand out.
The thing about labradorite is that it's one of those gems that can hold its own very well. When you have a piece of jewellery that's got labradorite as its focus or centrepiece, leave the rest of your accessorising to a minimum. Your labrie will be a conversation starter with fellow gemstone lovers.


3. Blue-toned labradorite goes best with complementary-coloured outfit pieces.
Labradorescence can either be gold or blue toned. Depending on that, you need to pick outfit pieces that will match either shade. To be safe, white, black and teal tops or dresses go well with both, as do jewel-toned attire. 


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How to Wear Labradorite by Trouvée.Co
How to Wear Labradorite by Trouvée.Co

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