How to Wear Jewellery While Working From Home –

How to Wear Jewellery While Working From Home

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How to Wear Jewellery while Working from Home
I can't believe it's taken me so long to come up with a style tip blog entry like this one! It's been MONTHS since we've all started working from home. But just because we aren't meeting people face-to-face, doesn't mean we can't dress up a little for conference video calls.
Actually, working from home is one of the best opportunities to experiment with your jewellery, or even take your more precious bling out for a spin. Over your desktop's camera, a cocktail ring isn't going to be as OTT as it would be in real life.
So how should you wear your jewellery these days?

1. Stick to what can be seen.

That means anything above the waist - earrings, rings and necklaces. I'd give bracelets a miss, unless you wear one daily, as they can interfere with keyboard typing (which you're likely to be doing more of).

2. Have fun and experiment!

This is the time to switch your style up and see how you like it. Wear stackable rings for your post-lunch call and switch to a cocktail ring for that 5.30pm de-brief. Nobody would take that much notice (as compared to if you were in the office), so you'd be free to do whatever pleases you.

3. Pick colours and designs that make you happy.

Wearing jewellery is all about you and how you perceive yourself. Since you'd be spending a lot more time with yourself during the day, and since you'd also see how you look in video calls, you'd want to be happy when you see yourself. Wear something that makes you smile, such as something statement and yellow that can instantly brighten up your mood.

4. Let your fine jewellery shine.

Being at home means that your fine jewellery has the least chance of getting soiled or damaged. It's a great time to show it off and might I dare say, layer it with your other signature pieces.

5. Put your hair behind your ears.

It's such a waste when you dress up and no one can tell because it's all hidden away! You've made an effort to bling up your face, so tuck your hair behind your ears, or even just one side of it, so that your earrings can shine through. If your hair is tied up because after all, you're at home, then it's all for the better.

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