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How to Look Your Best on Zoom

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 How to look your best on Zoom


Everything has moved online these days. Be it gender reveal parties, conference calls or just hanging out with friends, the word is "video." And it's going to be this way for quite a while!

So why not let's just make the best out of it?

While nobody is going to care much about your shoes, what is seen on video above your waist takes center stage. Here's how you can up your game on Zoom while not sacrificing on comfort.


1. Lighting

The first rule is that lighting is everything. You don't need special ring lights blaring at your face the whole time - not everyone is a beauty influencer. Natural light is the most flattering kind, so sit facing a window at a 45 degree angle as much as possible. If you can't get the angle right, then just face right at it. Stay away from direct sunlight on your skin, as it can make you over exposed, which is also not a good look for anybody.

When you have enough lighting, it's easy for whoever is on the other side to see you clearly. This makes for a much more pleasant session.


2. Light Makeup

Your face could be as huge as the full screen on your contact's 27" iMac. It also might not, but I wouldn't risk it! Wear some light makeup if need be, cover up glaring blemishes and touch up stray brows. Applying some makeup implies that you value the time of whoever you're meeting and is also a show of respect.

In any case, the last thing you need is someone else scrutinising your pores or getting distracted by your T-zone shine, instead of listening to you speak. Video calls from home are also the best time to wear your favourite lipstick without risking a smudge!


3. A Proper Background

Not everyone has an Instagram-worthy home office. So if your background is a messy table with last Thursday's coffee stains and your miserable-looking cactus, you might want to download and use a free Zoom background to replace all that.


4. Your Accessories

More so than ever, you need to accessorise. According to research, gold dangle earrings are all the rage right now compared to other types of jewellery. Even if you wear just studs or a necklace, it's still a more dressed up look than going bare. You've saved all that daily commuting time and stress, so make accessorising a new part of your daily routine and pick-me-up!


5. Easy Hair

Who still washes your hair every day? I know I don't. So when it's Day 3 of dry shampoo mode, you can easily tie up your hair or put on a headband to keep your tresses in place. This is also a great way to show off your earrings and trimmed brows.


6. Dress Comfortably

Nobody really cares if you wear sweat pants but everyone can see your top. Make sure you wear an appropriate top for your video calls (it doesn't always have to be for work) and make sure it matches your hair, makeup and accessories! If you can't decide what to put on, I always recommend a dress with prints and a standard blazer (if required).


I hope these quick tips help. If you're going crazy staying indoors, why not start shopping for some new bling to add a twist to your signature Zoom look? Check out and shop our all-time best sellers here.


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