How to Channel French Vibes with Your Jewellery –

How to Channel French Vibes with Your Jewellery

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How to Channel French Vibes with Your Jewellery
French style isn't always about high fashion. It is unapologetically, genuinely you and it's something that nobody can take away from you. The reason French women are so admired for their fashion sense is this: their self confidence. That, and the fact that they don't feel the need to explain themselves to you.
So how can you channel some of that in your personal style?

1. Play with focused layers.

Everyone knows what layering is. Stack rings. Chokers with a long charm necklace. Ear cuffs with studs. With French style, choose one area to focus your layering on. For example, stack classic gold bracelets from several brands and keep everything else simple (but not empty). Another way is to wear 2-3 layers of necklaces and keep the rest simple.

2. Keep it classy.

This means nothing too loud or overly quirky. You can wear big cocktail rings but keep to stones that aren't overly sparkly. This means sticking to subdued gems like turquoise, opals, moonstones, labradorite (one of our favourites!) or rose quartz and avoiding diamonds, Swarovskis and cubic zirconia.

3. Know which jewellery metal works best for your skin tone.

You're either a white gold, gold or rose gold person. Once you figure that out, stick to it like your mantra. But do remember that with changing lifestyle patterns or seasons, this can also change. You might get a new tan or lose your current one, or maybe a new job will require a standard uniform/dress code. Stick to the metal that brings out the best in you.

4.  Less is more.

Stick to delicate jewellery, be it from your fine jewellery collection or your fun run-off-the-mill 3-for-$5 stash (which shouldn't last long in your collection). Let your outfit do the talking; your jewellery should be the icing on the cake.

5. Quality over quantity.

The reason France is known for its fashion is that it doesn't take pride in cheap fashion. Get rid of your pieces that have missing crystals or have been tarnished beyond repair. Refresh your wardrobe by investing in quality pieces. Not everything that is of good quality has to be expensive, you just need to know what you're buying into. For example, at Trouvée.Co, we use only sterling silver plated with rhodium, gold or rose gold for our affordable jewellery.

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