How to Build Your Capsule Jewellery Wardrobe –

How to Build Your Capsule Jewellery Wardrobe

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It's always the little things that count, you know? Like whether your hair has frizz, your eyeliner is even or if you had cut your nails properly. 


When it comes to looking polished - and it is important to look polished - there are some things you just cannot forgo. It's not always about fine metals and expensive gems. Here is a list of accessories you need in your capsule jewellery wardrobe, and also where you should start:


  1. Gemstone/diamond stud earrings
  2. Charm/pendant necklace 
  3. A watch
  4. A minimalist bracelet/bangle


1. Gemstone/Diamond Stud Earrings:

One of the first and simplest pieces to start your capsule jewellery wardrobe with is a classic pair of gemstone or diamond ear studs. These really need the least amount of effort to decide on and are easiest to pull off any look with.

They are perfect for every occasion - and I mean every occasion - be it a birthday celebration, your everyday life, an important board meeting or even a cocktail party. Because this is a pair you'll wear again and again, do not scrimp on the material and get something lasting instead.


London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver


2. Charm/Pendant Necklace:

This is a piece of jewellery that always adds some colour to your visage. It can be stacked or worn alone, but most importantly, it never leaves you. It can be a gift for your 21st birthday, or something special from an anniversary. 

It doesn't need to be expensive but it needs to fit your lifestyle and cannot be heavy. Start with something simple, like a bezel charm, diamond or pearl pendant necklace. 


3. A Watch:

Technically speaking, a watch isn't jewellery. But it still forms an integral part of your self-expression.

Whether it's got metal, leather or textile straps, you need a watch as a way to say you're someone who values your time - and others'. It doesn't need to be an expensive watch, as even minimalistic designs can tell the time equally well. 

Just remember: the more elaborate your watch, the more minimalist your other accentuating jewellery. But if your watch is super simple, then anything else goes.


4. Minimalist Bracelet/Bangle:

Bracelets differ from bangles in that they are more delicate and their shapes fall with gravity. Get something that doesn't get in the way of your life.

If you're fine with something around your wrist as you're preparing that report, by all means go for a bracelet. If you need to fold up your sleeves sometimes to really get down to business, get a bangle as this can be slipped and stay in place higher up your arm.

The Singapore Island Bracelet in Yellow Gold and White Crystal



Once you've built your basic set of jewellery and accessories, you can start to add pieces to your collection. Don't forget that you always have the freedom to explore different styles, colours and gemstones but while doing so, always maintain your capsule pieces.

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