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We're So Excited!

When we first started on this idea of coming up with something special, we knew we wanted to bring this to the rest of the world.
We all love to travel - and we also love things that sparkle. And we knew we just needed to have something that could combine the two, and which would help us remember memories made during the best times of our lives. So we mixed the charms of genuine semiprecious gemstones; the affordability and everlasting quality of gold, rose gold, silver and rhodium; and your imagination of the earth's special destinations. And we can't wait to share it all with you.
Trouvée.co is going to be livelier than ever from now, and we are going to be adding new and exciting collections every few weeks. We've got plans to also attend craft fairs and marketplaces, and will announce them right over here to keep you updated. We'll also spread any news and special offers via our newsletter, which you can sign up here.

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We'll catch up with you next time, and in the meantime, thank you for your strong support!

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